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Best Practice 2.12 – Provide three flashes or below threshold (Advanced level)

Ensure all flashing items are dimmed, and cover only a small area of the screen or the flashing rate is three times per second or less. Otherwise, this may cause problems for persons who suffer from epilepsy.


Before Rectification
A sample mobile application page with an image that contains flashing elements.
In this example, the "New" image is flashing too fast and too bright. This content can cause seizures for people who are suffering from epilepsy.
After Rectification
A sample mobile application page with static content that do not flash.
It is better to replace the flashing content with static content, or ensure the flashing object only take up a very small portion of the page and the flashing rate is less than three times per second.


W3C WCAG Reference: 2.3.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold