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The government IT infrastructure has been built up by connecting all bureaux and departments together via the core Government Backbone Network. In addition to this, common applications and services are provided to bureaux and departments to facilitate the efficient delivery of services to the public, including the Government Communication Network, the Central Cyber Government Office and central Internet services that incorporates major enhancements in design to improve government services to the public. To facilitate the implementation of joined-up E-government services, OGCIO has promulgated interoperability standards, including international standards, as well as Chinese language interface standards formulated by the Government. The OGCIO is also reviewing the technology infrastructure strategy with a view to make the infrastructure more adaptable to support the engagement of service agents in the delivery of e-government services. In addition, OGCIO is supporting the operation of the government-wide information security and the promotion of best IT security management practices to government departments and the public.

Infrastructure for E-government