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Central Cyber Government Office (CCGO)

Launched in August 2000, CCGO, the Government Intranet portal, offers all government officers in Bureaux and Departments (B/Ds) a wide array of information and common services in supporting daily business operations. At present, over 380 information items such as circulars, guidelines, statistics, forms and video archives are available.

In addition, CCGO features an electronic services platform (eSP) for the conduct of Government-to-Employee (G2E) and Government-to-Government (G2G) transactions within the Government. At present, over 50 G2E/G2G services have been launched onto eSP. Government officers need to sign-on eSP only once to use G2E/G2G services that they are allowed to access.

A few examples of the G2E/G2G services are listed below for information:

ePayroll & Benefits System delivered by the Treasury

Civil servants can make online enquiry on their general payroll, personal, appointment, payment-related and housing benefit information from the ePayroll & Benefits system.

e-Leave System delivered by Civil Service Bureau

The e-Leave supports B/Ds in leave application, processing, calculation, recording and monitoring.

Sample Information Management System delivered by Government Laboratory

The system allows B/Ds to track the examination progress status of their test samples.