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The Implementation Phase will start after the System Analysis and Design Phase when the hardware & software configuration has been identified. This phase is to implement the findings of the SA&D, carry out the physical system design, develop programs, test and install systems and proceed to live implementation.

The following activities and deliverables should be included:

Major Steps Steps Deliverables
Physical System Design Physical Design
  • Physical Data Design
  • Process Data Interface
  • Data Catalogue
  • Program Specification
  • Performance Optimization Report
Program Development Program coding
  • Software modules
  • Job control procedures
  • Unit Test cases
  • Program Documentation
Unit Testing
  • Unit Test results
System Integration & Testings Link / Integration / Function / Systems Testing
  • Various levels of Test plan, Test specification & Test results
User Acceptance Rehearsal
  • Software modules in integration
User Acceptance Testing & Training User Acceptance Testing
  • User Acceptance Test plan, Test specification & Test results
User training
  • "Passing tests" software modules
  • Training on both computer system and computer concepts
System Installation & Production Site Preparation
  • Site specification
  • Accepted site
  • Application User Manual
  • Application Operation Manual
  • Computer Operating Procedures Manual
  • System Manual
  • Program Manual
  • Data Manual
System Installation
  • System Installation Plan
  • Hardware and software modules in integration
  • System Installation Report
  • Conversion Plan (old data converted into new system)
  • Conversion Report
System Production
  • Computer Systems in production use
Project Evaluation Review Project Evaluation Review
  • Project Evaluation Report