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Guidelines for Application Software Testing

1.  Purpose

The purpose of this document is to provide a set of application software testing guidelines to ensure that computer systems are properly tested, so as to pursue reliable and quality computer systems.

This document, in essence, suggests a reference model for the planning and carrying out of Application Software Testing. The following serves as an overview of the model:

2.  Project Organisation

2.1  Test Group

A Test Group can be set up to carry out the testing activities especially for large-scale projects or projects involving a large number of users. The necessity of an independent Test Group should be determined at the project initialisation stage through an assessment based on project complexity, criticality, implementation schedule and other risks.

2.2  Independent Third-party Testing

Independent third-party testing is recommended to ensure that system functions are completed in good quality. Independent testing may include various kinds of testing, e.g. unit test, functional test, regression test, integration test, load test, accessibility test, and usability test, etc.

3.  Testing Activities

A computer system is subjected to testing from the following 5 different perspectives:

  1. To validate individual program modules against program specifications (Unit Testing);
  2. To validate linkages or interfaces between program modules against design specifications (Link /Integration Testing);
  3. To validate integrated software against functional specifications (Function Testing);
  4. To validate the integrated software against specifications on operating environment (System Testing); and
  5. To validate the integrated software against end-user needs and business requirements (Acceptance Testing).

4.  Test Documentation

Testing activities should be documented through the use of Test Plan, Test Specification, Test Incident Report, Test Progress Report and Test Summary Report.

5.  Test Planning and Control

5.1   Progress Control

The day-to-day progress of the testing activities should be monitored through the use of Test Progress Reports.

5.2  Quality Control / Assurance

Testing documentation should be compiled by Test Group or Independent Testing Contractor, if outsourced, cross-checked by quality assurance staff, and reviewed by the Project Assurance Team.

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