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Public Comments on the "Consultation Paper on the Review on Administration and Assignment of Internet Domain Names and Internet Protocol Addresses in Hong Kong"

K.L. Chen Comment to Adm. & Assig. of I. Domain Names & IP Addr.

16. The idea of Multi-lingual domain name system is good; but no detail about this system is addressed in the consultation paper. If a registered domain holder had provided an English abstract and related search keywords; it is sensible for the domain be granted global access; although the accessing terminals is running on operating system of language other than that of the registered domain. The domain may be presented as graphic images; and the content is therefore independent of the language of both the server and accessing computer /terminal.

17.1 I believe that only the most user-friendly, efficient, widely-supported (not just Chinese community but the world) system shall last. China and Taiwan administrations should accept the selection outcome of the global Internet community.

17.2 It is sensible to have .中健 treated same as .cn; but why spend more time entering .中健 if same search can be done with .cn? It is clumsy (or is it possible?) to enter 中健 on computers running operating system of other languages (French / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Portuguese / Spanish / etc.); their keyboard are unlikely to have Chinese characters.

17.3 If it is intended to limit the access to .中健 to those Internet subscribers of ISP partners of its domain maintaining organisation, each domain name holder would have to take care of two distinct addresses to enable them to be found in these two domains.

18. For technical concern, if searching English keywords in the English abstract provided by the domain name owner is allowed, Multi-lingual domain name system may be better than the test-beds because it support many languages.

26, 27 Agree.

41.(a) Who is going to pay the administration cost?

46.1 Domain composed of both name & unique registration number of individuals should be used. An individual should has the right to choose full name or abbreviation derived from his/her Hong Kong identity card.

46.2 Arrangement should be made for assigning skipped registration number to cope with individual request based on ones spiritual believe (such as 9413, 709394, 666, 999, 13, 4444, 1234, etc.) The individual should therefore have the right not to tell the reason why he/she reject an assigned registration number.