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Government Cloud Platform (GovCloud)

The Government Cloud Platform (GovCloud) for hosting e-government services for use by bureaux and departments (B/Ds), such as electronic information management, aims at more agile and cost-effective delivery of common e-government infrastructure.

Benefits of GovCloud include:

  • cost saving through economy of scale and resource sharing;
  • time saving through streamlined procurement and system implementation, and on-demand service provision;
  • enhanced agility in meeting dynamic demand of B/Ds on IT resources and services; and
  • generate demands for various types of IT professional works and services, and foster development of local IT industry in strengthening the related professional skills and business models in cloud computing.

The GovCloud was launched in December 2013 and support about 30 B/Ds in rolling out their e-government services from 2014 upto mid 2021.

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