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Government Human Resources Management Services (GovHRMS)

The Government Human Resources Management Services (GovHRMS), developed by the OGCIO, support the human resources management (HRM) activities in the Government.

The GovHRMS is one of the major initiatives of the Government to exploit the benefits that cloud computing offers.  Adopting a “shared service” approach to building HRM systems not only reduces individual agency’s effort, time and risks in implementing and maintaining its own system, but also enables the alignment of HR processes and data across agencies thereby facilitates inter-agency collaboration.

The GovHRMS allows the users of HRM functions (including HR practitioners, managers and employees) to perform a wide range of HR transactions at various stages of an employee’s life cycle from recruitment to separation. Through streamlined and automated processes, paperwork, processing time and human errors are reduced. The GovHRMS provides the flexibility necessary for B/Ds to tailor the shared services to suit their specific needs.

The GovHRMS has been gradually implemented for four early adopters namely the then Efficiency Unit, Rating & Valuation Department, OGCIO and Civil Service Bureau from December 2013 to October 2016. Since July 2017, the OGCIO has been actively promoting the GovHRMS to B/Ds. As at August 2023, a total of 22 B/Ds have adopted GovHRMS.