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Multi-application Smart ID Card (MASC)

The HKSAR Government has been issuing smart identity ID cards to the public since June 2003. The new smart ID card, with enhanced security features, has been issued starting from November 2018 to replace the existing ones. Both versions of the smart ID cards come with a computer chip, and have the capability to store and process data. These smart ID cards support a number of government applications for both immigration functions and non-immigration functions. Citizens may use their smart ID cards for multi-applications on a voluntary basis.

Multi-applications of Smart ID Card

The smart ID card has segregated compartments that support the applications listed below:

  • Immigration applications
  • Non- immigration applications:
    • Card Face Data (CFD).

      CFD further supports a number of government applications that rely on such infrastructure component for electronic authentication to read the cardholder’s data stored in the chip.  Both versions of new smart identity cards provide 5 data items in the chip (namely the ID card number, English name, Chinese name, date of birth, and date of issue). The new smart ID card further includes digital photograph and sex as data items in the chip.

      The following applications make use of CFD to support the businesses of different government bureaux and departments:
      - Library Card of LCSD;
      - eHealth System (Subsidies);
      - Electronic Health Record Sharing System;
      - The Clinical Information Management System (CIMS) (For Government Dental Clinics and Elderly Health Centres of Department of Health); and
      - "iAM Smart"

MASC for Joined-up Government Programme

The implementation of the multi-application smart ID card is an inter-departmental programme. The OGCIO (or the then ITSD) is responsible for the overall coordination of this joined-up government programme.

Further Information about the Smart ID Card