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Smart ID Card Applications

The following applications are provided on the smart ID card :

  • Immigration applications
  • Non-immigration applications
    - Card Face Data (CFD) and its relying government applications

Immigration Applications
The smart ID card provides proof of identity in a more secure form. With the basic personal data stored in the chip, Hong Kong residents can use their own smart ID card for automated immigration clearance through e-Channel. For details, please click here.

Card Face Data Relying Applications

Library Card Application
Cardholders can choose to use their smart ID card as a library card. To enable the library card function on the smart ID card, cardholders have to perform a simple registration process at one of the public libraries. With the library card function enabled, cardholders can enjoy the various services provided at public libraries using their smart ID card. For details, please click here.

eHealth System (Subsidies)
eHealth System (Subsidies) makes subsidy claims more simple and convenient. The System provides you a choice to use Smart Identity Card Reader for reading the required personal data from the Smart Hong Kong Identity Card with the cardholders’ consent for making subsidy claims. For details, please click here.

Electronic Health Record Sharing System
An eHR Sharing System provides an information infrastructure for healthcare providers in both the public and private healthcare sectors, with informed and express consent of the patient and proper authorisation for access to the System, to share the eHR they keep on the patient with other healthcare providers and to retrieve the eHR of the patient shared by other healthcare providers. For details, please click here.

The Clinical Information Management System (CIMS) (For Government Dental Clinics and Elderly Health Centres of Department of Health)
The CIMS assists DH's clinics to manage client registration, appointment and medical records. With the enhanced CIMS function to read the personal particulars directly from smart identity cards, the registration process and clinic operation has been made much smoother. This function not only reduces the time required for registration or appointment management but also enhances accuracy by eliminating human errors during data entry of the related information.

"iAM Smart"
iAM Smart mobile app provides the one-stop personalised digital services platform, which enables users to log in and use online services by their personal mobile phone in a smart and convenient way. In registering "iAM Smart+", residents need to provide the smart ID card for reading the data stored in the chip. For details, please click here.

Benefits of Smart ID Card
To the cardholders, the smart ID card will give them the convenience of automated immigration clearance on their arrival and departure, secure electronic transactions over the Internet, instant access to public library facilities, secure and accurate patient enrolment as well as other high quality government services planned for the future.

To the community, the e-Cert application on smart ID card will encourage the development of more online applications and thus foster e-commerce in Hong Kong.