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Smart lamppost applications further clarified

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) noted that smart lamppost is one of the concerns in the proposed public procession in Kwun Tong on Saturday (August 24). An OGCIO spokesman reiterated today (August 22) that smart lampposts are only used for collecting city data (including traffic, meteorological and air quality data) to facilitate smart city development through open data and the upcoming 5G technology. The smart lampposts do not carry any facial recognition function and cannot detect or read information of identity cards.

The Multi-functional Smart Lampposts Technical Advisory Ad Hoc Committee already set up by the Government is meant to clarify facts and allay public concern through examination by industry experts and academics on the privacy protection and information security aspects of lamppost applications. Last month, the OGCIO also made public a list of the locations, functions and equipment of the 50 smart lampposts which have been installed so far. To enable the public to have an accurate and objective understanding on smart lampposts, the OGCIO will continue to disseminate related information in an open and transparent manner.

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