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“Multi-functional Smart Lampposts” Pilot Scheme

The Multi-functional Smart Lampposts pilot scheme is a three-year programme in which some 400 smart lampposts will be installed in phases in four districts with higher pedestrian and traffic flow, namely Central/Admiralty, Causeway Bay/Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Tong/Kai Tak Development Area, with a view to promoting smart city development in Hong Kong and supporting 5G mobile network implementation. Since the end of June 2019, 50 smart lampposts have been put in place on Sheung Yuet Road in Kowloon Bay, Shing Kai Road in Kai Tak and in the Kwun Tong city centre to collect various types of real-time city data such as meteorological data, air quality data and traffic flow. The data collected will be released to the public as open data via for development of innovative applications. Furthermore, we have also released a list of the locations, functions and equipment of the smart lampposts which have been installed. The aim is to enable the public to have a better and objective understanding of the functions and applications of the smart lampposts.

Open Data
A function list summarises the smart devices and functions for 50 already installed smart lampposts at Sheung Yuet Road in Kowloon Bay, Shing Kai Road in Kai Tak and in the Kwun Tong city centre.
Open data of smart lampposts provided by the departments including Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong Observatory and Lands Department are as below:


Sample of Actual Views from Relevant Devices

Lamppost Number Location Device Purpose Sample Image
DF3633 Shing Kai Road LiDAR Collection of traffic data for enhancing the efficiency of traffic management Image (GIF)