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Headed by the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO), the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) is responsible for formulating information technology (IT) strategies, programmes and measures, in addition to providing IT services and support within the Government to help sustain Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s leading digital city.

The OGCIO ensures that the Government provides the public with information and services they need in an efficient and convenient manner by using IT appropriately, and supports bureaux/departments to make best use of IT to achieve their policy objectives.

The OGCIO supports the development of community-wide information technology infrastructure and setting of technical and professional standards so as to strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a world digital city and make Hong Kong a well-known smart city. We seek to develop an information infrastructure with an open common interface through which the community can interact readily and securely, with a view to further developing the use of electronic means to support economic, social and government activities. We also endeavour to open up more government data for free public use to facilitate innovation and research, bring benefits to the public and promote economic development.

In addition, we promote and facilitate the wider use of IT in the business sector and the community, and contribute to building a digitally inclusive society in Hong Kong. We collaborate with academic institutions, industry support organisations and trade associations to support the IT industry, including exploration of business opportunities locally, in the Mainland and overseas.