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ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly (2023-2025)


The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) regularised the ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly (Outreach Programme) from 2018-19 onwards. The two rounds of Outreach Programmes introduced in December 2018 and March 2021 respectively were completed and well received by the participating elderly. The latest round of the Outreach Programme has already been launched in 2023.

In the period from December 2022 to February 2023, OGCIO openly invited applications from non-profit-making organisations (NPOs). The six selected projects have started their preparation work in April 2023, with a view to launching various activities through their service network in the third quarter for a period of two years to let elderly experience digital living. The activities include using smart robots to show tutorial videos on digital technology, and using drones to conduct virtual community tours for the elderly. These activities would arouse their interest in technology and allow them to experience the benefits brought by digital technology in their daily lives. Funded NPOs have been organising mobile outreach service station activities in various districts in Hong Kong to proactively introduce common mobile applications to the elderly and answer their questions on the use of smartphones. For the timetable of mobile outreach service station activities, please click the following link: (Chinese only).

Target Beneficiaries

Institutionalised elderly, hidden elderly, elderly people receiving day care centre and home care services, elders in the community and elderly people with dementia.

Funded Projects

Project Title Highlighted Description Funded Organisation Enquiry
Joyful Stimulation & Connection Project
  • To teach elderly people to use video call software and social media applications for communication with family members, relatives and friends, and for continual learning;
  • To arrange elderly group participants to work together to complete cognitive training tasks and compose songs through the use of gerontechnology products;
  • To facilitate the elderly to enjoy using technology through multi-sensory stimulation and 3D simulated scenes; and
  • To assist frail elderly to make use of ICT to participate in physical and instrumental activities of daily living training.
The Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club

Tel: (852) 2775 6226


E-Joyful Motion – ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly
  • To train limbs and perceptual motor coordination of the elderly with a dance pad;
  • To use fall risk management system to evaluate the potential risk of falling for the elderly people;
  • To enable the elderly to exercise while playing games with a fitness ring; and
  • To arrange youth volunteers to visit the institution, and share their beneficial experience in using ICT and gerontechnology with the elderly, in order to encourage them to keep improving their quality of life with technology.
Hong Kong Children & Youth Services

Tel: (852) 9227 5915


Hi Touch Fun Fun Lot
  • To enhance emotional management of the elderly by interacting with smart robots;
  • To provide cognitive training and functional strengthening activities for elderly people with motion sensing games and gerontechnology products;
  • To assist elderly people in conducting smart heath management and seeking remote telehealth consultation from professional nurses; and
  • To allow institutionalised elderly to explore the community remotely through virtual reality technology.
Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS

Tel: (852) 2904 5647


#lovin tech #lovin eld
  • To provide basic health assessment and recommendation to the elderly by using the AI-powered mirror;
  • To teach the elderly to interact with other people in metaverse and experience the new ICT;
  • To use augmented reality card app for digital reminiscence activity for the elderly to recall past experiences and boost positivity; and
  • To use robots to provide various interactive activities to help the elderly feel connected.
The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council

Tel: (852) 6039 7597


I Can Teach (ICT) – Elderly Learning Program for Technology
  • To provide physiotherapy training to the elderly people with gerontechnology products;
  • To provide virtual touring activities for the elderly people by facilitating them to explore the community through technologies;
  • To assist the elderly people in using apps to produce personalised photos and videos and share with family and friends; and
  • To use smart pets and robots to pacify the emotion of demented elderly.
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Tel: (852) 2194 6566


Y Internet E-Force Outreach Program for the Elderly 2023
  • To enhance the elderly’s sociability through art therapy by using the electronic painting and augmented reality apps;
  • To conduct music therapy for the institutionalised elderly by using the music rings and games;
  • To enhance limbs and perceptual motor coordination of the elderly by conducting stretching exercises using tablets with augmented reality apps; and
  • To broaden the elderly’s horizons on ICT through reminiscence therapy by conducting interactive games using tablets.
Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service

Tel: (852) 3149 4123