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SITI attends Cybersecurity Symposium 2023 (with photos)

The Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Professor Sun Dong, officiated at the Cybersecurity Symposium 2023 today (December 14) and shared the latest efforts of the Government in safeguarding cybersecurity and facilitating data flow in Hong Kong. The symposium is co-organised by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited.

In his opening remarks, Professor Sun said, "The Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau published the Policy Statement on Facilitating Data Flow and Safeguarding Data Security in Hong Kong last week, which puts forward 18 specific action items in five broad categories, including enhancing cybersecurity protection, to support the development of innovation technology, the digital economy and smart city matters in Hong Kong in a co-ordinated and secure manner."

Professor Sun further said that the National 14th Five-Year Plan clearly supports Hong Kong's development into an international innovation and technology centre, and cybersecurity is the key to achieving this goal. He encouraged public and private organisations to jointly build a strong cybersecurity defence, establish comprehensive cybersecurity policies and procedures, and strengthen their devotion and support in cybersecurity, with a view to enhancing their capabilities in defending against cybersecurity threats and tackling cybersecurity incidents.

The Cybersecurity Symposium 2023 aims to bring together quangos (quasi autonomous non-governmental organisations), enterprises and other local organisations in Hong Kong to explore industry collaboration in addressing cybersecurity challenges in the digital era. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government attaches great importance to cybersecurity training of information technology personnel and staff members across all departments, and regularly organises information security talks, seminars, workshops and solution showcases for them. For instance, during the period from October to December 2023, the OGCIO organised several thematic activities on cybersecurity risk management, prevention of ransomware, and application security testing. These training activities, attended by over 1 000 officers from various government bureaux and departments, helped enhance the overall cybersecurity defence capabilities of the Government.

Eight representative cybersecurity companies from the Mainland also participated in the symposium. These companies have either already established or plan to establish their presence in Hong Kong, or will expand their operations here to support the development of the digital economy and strengthen the cybersecurity defence in Hong Kong. The symposium provided a valuable opportunity for participating organisations to establish connections and business engagements with industry peers, as well as jointly explore suitable cybersecurity solutions, thereby strengthening Hong Kong's overall defence and resilience capabilities against cyber attacks.

In addition, several panel discussion sessions were held during the symposium. Over 10 industry experts and business leaders from the Mainland and Hong Kong, together with over 450 industry professionals representing about 200 public and private organisations, exchanged views on different topics including protection of critical data and the latest technologies and trends in cyber defence matters. The symposium also featured a showcase of cybersecurity solutions, allowing participants to gain insights and engage with industry experts regarding the latest cybersecurity technologies and solutions.

The Under Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Ms Lillian Cheong, and the Government Chief Information Officer, Mr Tony Wong, also attended the symposium.

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