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Speech by Mr Tony Wong, JP, Acting Government Chief Information Officer, at “2022 Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony” (with photos)

Dr LOU (Dr Miranda LOU, Executive Vice President, PolyU), Ir Prof CHAN (Ir Prof KC CHAN, Head of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, PolyU), Dr FU (Dr Xiaowen FU, Professor and Director, Behaviour and Knowledge Engineering Research Centre), Dr WONG (Dr Young WONG, Director of Arup, Co-organiser of the Asia Knowledge and Innovation Forum 2023), distinguished guests, winners of the Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award, ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon! I have great pleasure to join you all at the 2022 Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony today. I still remember that back in 2009, my Office was one of the organisations which had received the then Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award by virtue of our pioneer development and implementation of Knowledge and Information Collaborative Platform for government departments. Today, over a decade’s time has passed and the world is witnessing a great deal of changes in people’s daily life brought about by technological advancement. In this era of global digitisation, every individual and organisation is undergoing transformation at an accelerated pace. I reckon that the Hong Kong MAKE Award is by no means an exception. Being aware of the growing importance of leveraging innovation together with knowledge management in order to create greater stakeholder value, the Hong Kong MAKE Award has evolved into the Hong Kong MIKE Award since 2018, emphasising and showcasing the excellent achievements of the leading knowledge-based enterprises which endeavoured to drive innovation development. I am much honoured this afternoon to present the 2022 Hong Kong MIKE Award to these high achievers. Your excellent efforts on implementing good practices in knowledge management and innovation have indeed yielded fruitful results in enhancing organisational performance. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and celebrate the great success of all our winners.

There is no doubt that innovation and technology (I&T) is instrumental in the future economic and societal growth of Hong Kong. Through the application of I&T, our Government is continuously striving to accelerate digital transformation of our public services, with a view to improving the overall performance and enhancing user experience. For instance, our 2022 Hong Kong MIKE Award winning government departments have made considerable efforts on the adoption of I&T in providing high-quality public services to the people of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Police Force’s e-Crime Processing and Analysis Hub facilitates more efficient cybercrimes and online scams reporting and analysing; the Fire Services Department’s Patient Tagging System for Multiple Casualties Incidents enhances the overall government’s emergency preparedness; the Correctional Services Department’s “Smart Prison” modernises, informatises and humanises the management mode of correctional institutions; the “E&M InnoPortal” of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department strengthens the collaboration between government departments and the I&T sector; and the smart water supply initiatives of Water Supplies Department improve operational efficiency of the water supply system and customer services. All these initiatives are good examples that illustrate how the adoption of I&T can improve the efficiency of public services and at the same time support Hong Kong’s smart city development.

As announced in the Chief Executive’s 2022 Policy Address, we are now driving to turn all government services online in two years and provide one-stop digital services by fully adopting “iAM Smart” within three years so as to realise a “single portal for online government services” for better user experience. To expedite the digital transformation of public services, we target to launch over 100 digital government initiatives by end-2025 to bring further benefits to both the public and the business sectors with technology innovation. Moreover, we have set out the top-level design with clear directions and objectives of Hong Kong’s I&T development in the coming five to 10 years in the Hong Kong I&T Development Blueprint that we promulgated last December. All these demonstrated our determination of charting Hong Kong into an international I&T centre as underpinned by the National 14th Five-Year Plan.

Finally, I wish to thank once again the Behaviour and Knowledge Engineering Research Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Arup for jointly organising this meaningful Hong Kong MIKE Award which provides a platform for ideas exchange and experience sharing among knowledge-based enterprises. I am sure they will excel together and reach new heights in the domains of innovation and knowledge management. Thank you very much!

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