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Facilitating the Use of Digital Certificates in Government and Community

We have put in place the facilitation measures on the use of digital certificates in the following areas:

  1. Offered free personal e-Certs to Hong Kong Smart ID Card holders under the Smart ID Card Replacement Programme from 2003 to 2007;
  2. Continue to survey the need and the use of digital certificates in Government bureaux and departments;
  3. Continue to provide advisory support to Government bureaux and departments on the use of digital certificates;
  4. Continue to encourage the development of the Public Key Infrastructure to ensure integrity in electronic transactions;
  5. Continue to liaise with the recognized CA about Government's requirements on the use of digital certificates and CA services, and compatibility and interoperability issues;
  6. Promote the use of digital certificates with stronger cryptographic solutions to continue upholding the robustness of the security systems in Government, IT industry as well as community; and
  7. Facilitate the wider adoption of digital certificates in community (e.g. awareness programme, forums and seminars).