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ICT has fuelled the economy, business and individual with unlimited potentials for growth and development. Every economy is looking fiercely for such opportunities, and Hong Kong has always been able to exploit them and reap the benefits because of the concerted effort and partnership of the Government, professional bodies, academia, business sector and our community at large.

The ICT professional career is both rewarding and meaningful. We encourage students to take up ICT programmes in their tertiary studies or even in secondary schools, and to become ICT professionals in their careers. While everyone is free to make his/her own choice whether to take ICT study and pursue ICT as a career, we need to –

  • Provide timely and accurate information about ICT study, career and profession to enable stakeholders (especially students and parents) to make informed choices.
  • Facilitate the younger generation to discover and develop their interest, passion and talent on ICT as early as possible.
  • Promote a positive image of the ICT industry, profession and career.

The Student IT Corner provides you with information on IT studies, IT careers, IT motions. We invite you to join the IT profession to unleash the IT power for society!

Banner for Study Corner IT Studies – No matter whether you take ICT subject for the HKDSE or not, you may want to know the admission requirements, programme structure, internship opportunities and graduate prospects of studying ICT courses in local tertiary institutions. Read more from the Study Corner.
Banner for Career Corner IT Careers – The IT profession offers broad and promising career paths such as business analyst, project manager, IT architect, IT security auditor, as well as starting up one's own business. IT professionals can also transverse to high executive positions such as in financial, insurance and logistics fields. Read more from the Career Corner.
Banner for People and Events IT Motions – We work closely with industry and academia to organise visits, talks, competitions and exhibitions to enable students to understand more about ICT study, career, profession and industry. Please visit the Motion Corner to know what is happening.

We need to work in partnership with all stakeholders to foster an open and participative environment to develop ICT talents and manpower for Hong Kong.

We hope that the Student IT Corner can facilitate you in making informed choices to take ICT study and pursue ICT as your career.

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