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Catalogue of Opportunities for Private Sector Participation

This catalogue contains a list of ICT related initiatives led by HKSARG with opportunities for private sector participation. The initiatives include ICT service procurement / outsourcing opportunities as well as support that is available from the Government under various Government sponsorship and funding schemes to industry-led initiatives.

Contact for further information :
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
Tel no. : (852) 3847 7439
Email :


Description Details
Current year
(a) Computerisation projects costing over $20 million each
(Major IT Projects)
Project information:

Major IT Projects proposed during 2023 Resource Allocation Exercise

Major IT Projects approved by the Legislative Council in 2023-24 (from 1.4.2023 to 31.3.2024)
(b) Computerisation projects costing $20 million or below each
(Block Vote IT Projects)
Project information:

Block Vote IT Projects proposed during 2023 Resource Allocation Exercise

Block Vote IT Projects approved by the OGCIO in 2023-24 (from 1.4.2023 to 31.3.2024)
Past year's record 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022


Description Details
Tender-related information on IT projects Active tender notices on IT projects issued by Government Logistics Department* (GLD) on 15.4.2024. For more updated information, please browse e-tender box of GLD.

Contracts awarded on IT projects in the past 12 months (from Mar 2023 to Feb 2024)

Forecast on IT purchases (category “Office Equipment and Computer Equipment with Software or Hardware”) in the next 24 months starting from September 2022 released by Government Logistics Department (GLD). For related forecast on purchases by Bureaux/Departments (excluding GLD), please browse the related webpage of GLD.

Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services - awarded projects and usage statistics

* For tenders issued and contracts awarded by other bureaux or departments, please browse the Government Gazette.


Description Details
(a) The Hong Kong ICT Awards The Hong Kong ICT Awards recognise, promote and commend the excellent achievements to which Hong Kong ICT professionals, business corporations and organisations contribute. Learn more about the Awards and check out the latest news at the website (
(b) Information on various ICT related Government funding assistance schemes Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau