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IT Industry Development

The Government promotes a vibrant, competitive and innovation driven information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong has considerable advantages in terms of its infrastructure, service economy and related domain knowledge.  We have also an industry that is highly dynamic and international in outlook.  We will leverage on these strengths and continue to foster a vibrant local ICT industry.

We have a wide range of measures in place to promote the development of the local ICT industry, for example:

  • expanding business opportunities for the ICT industry (e.g. through Government’s ICT investment and outsourcing strategy; promotion of ICT adoption in the business and general community as well as the exploration of local and other markets);
  • promoting Hong Kong as a premier location for ICT hub with data centre development as one of the key focuses;
  • promoting the excellent achievements of the local ICT industry through organising or supporting ICT-related awards (e.g. Hong Kong ICT Awards);
  • developing local ICT manpower; and
  • collaborating with the ICT industry to promote the smart city development of Hong Kong.

To facilitate ICT industry players who are interested in providing products and services to the Government in getting the required information, a theme page called "Government IT Business Window" was set up to provide relevant information about Government's IT market.