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ICT Professional Development and Recognition

A task force was set up to examine the case of establishing a framework for ICT professional recognition in Hong Kong so as to enhance the portfolio of ICT professional qualifications.

The main responsibilities of the task force were:

  1. To examine the existing certification, assessment, qualification and recognition schemes for the local ICT profession;
  2. To identify the mission-critical duties and processes in relation to the ICT profession that will benefit from a professional recognition system;
  3. To study the case of setting up a unified professional recognition system for the local ICT profession with reference to international practices and systems;
  4. To explore the feasibility of setting up a statutory ICT professional registration organization and system as a further step to professional recognition;
  5. To identify the gaps between the existing and proposed systems and recommend measures to bridge the gaps; and
  6. To consult relevant stakeholders to get their buy-in to the new systems and measures for the ongoing development of the local ICT profession.

The task force had completed its study and published the final report in August 2015.