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Web/Mobile App Accessibility Campaign



The web is a predominant channel for disseminating information and providing services to the public. Its usefulness will be greatly enhanced if the contents are accessible by the widest possible audience, including persons with disabilities.

Web/Mobile App Accessibility is to make sure that the contents of websites and mobile applications are available for all, including not only persons with disabilities but also persons with specific difficulties such as the elderly and persons beset with colour-blindness, cognitive and physical issues such as dyslexia, epilepsy, etc. An accessible website or mobile application not only helps deliver messages wider across, but also improves the general usability for all users. It also helps building a caring and inclusive society. Over the years, the Government has been actively promoting web/mobile app accessibility to facilitate persons with disabilities to access online information and services and enhance their user experience.

Web/Mobile App Accessibility Campaign

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) is mounting a Web/Mobile App Accessibility Campaign and adopts a multi-pronged strategy to drive the adoption of accessible design in websites and mobile applications of both public and private sectors through Government Leadership, Fostering Awareness, Promulgating Guidelines and Tips and Nurturing Expertise and Organising Recognition Scheme.

If you have any questions, please go to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you require further information about the campaign or have any comments or suggestions on promote web/mobile app accessibility in the community, please send us an email at