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Government IT Business Windows

Introduce yourselves to the Government

Suppliers of IT Professional Services can also join the IT Services Suppliers of the OGCIO as Active Suppliers or Interested Suppliers. Suppliers' information will be posted onto the Government's Intranet. Project information and success stories of work done for the Government will be published onto the Government's Internet web site.

How to obtain IT tender information from the Government?

Tender invitations are published in the Government Gazette, in the local press, on the Internet, and in selected overseas journals as appropriate. The suppliers can also utilise the e-Tender Box (ETB) of the Government Logistics Department to obtain the tender information.

For a list of active tenders related to major IT projects, please refer to “Government IT Open Tender Notice”.

To facilitate companies in bidding Government IT tenders, we also notify interested parties of the latest tendering information through e-mail. Companies wishing to get such e-mail may visit “E-mail Notification of Government IT Open Tenders” for more information.

For more information about the Government procurement and tendering, please refer to the topic of “Selling to the Government” in “GovHK”.

Guidelines and Standards of Government IT Projects 

On implementing IT projects in the Government, contractors should follow the various standards and practice. User bureaux or departments might have their additional requirement in this regard during implementation. Please refer to Professional Methodologies and IT Infrastructure and Standards.

Also, OGCIO has issued the "Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Circulars to Government IT Contractors" to inform the Government's IT contractors and subcontractors of various Government regulations, standards, guidelines, procedures and any other pertinent information that are generally applicable to Government IT contracts in respect of technical matters.

Centrally organised IT contracts

The Government has arranged various centrally organised IT contracts for providing IT products and services to the bureaux and departments. IT firms may find it valuable to have collaboration opportunities with the existing contractors.

Please refer to IT Sourcing and Contracting for more details.

Listing of Government Public Cloud Services Providers

The Government has developed a list of government public cloud services providers for reference by bureaux and departments in procuring public cloud services. IT firms may find it valuable to have collaboration opportunities with the listed providers.

Please refer to Supply of Public Cloud Services for Government Bureaux and Departments for more details.

Information Technology Management Unit

OGCIO (or the then ITSD) has helped a number of bureaux and departments establish Information Technology Management Units (ITMUs) to plan and implement IT projects in an autonomous manner. Under the E-government strategy, the bureaux and departments have been actively transforming the operations and services of bureaux and departments through IT. IT Suppliers can contact the ITMU of individual bureau/department direct for the latest information of IT projects.

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