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2020 RAE (Archive record)

This catalogue contains a list of ICT related initiatives led by HKSARG with opportunities for private sector participation. The initiatives include ICT service procurement / outsourcing opportunities as well as support that is available from the Government under various Government sponsorship and funding schemes to industry-led initiatives.

Contact for further information :
Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
Tel no. : (852) 3847 7439
Email :


Description Details
(a) Computerisation projects costing over $20 million each
(Major Projects)

Project information:

Major Projects proposed during 2020 Resource Allocation Exercise

Major Projects approved by the Legislative Council in 2020-21

(b) Computerisation projects costing $20 million or below each
(Block Vote Projects)

Project information:

Block Vote Projects proposed during 2020 Resource Allocation Exercise

Block Vote Projects approved by the OGCIO in 2020-21