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Sector-specific Programme (SSP)

The objective of the SSP is to enhance the operational efficiency and business opportunities of SMEs through ICT adoption, so as to enhance their overall competitiveness.

From 2004 to 2015, the OGCIO had respectively launched 19 projects for 13 sectors, namely travel industry, medical and health, drugstores, logistics, accountants, beauty service, watches & clocks, trade, social service, supply chain, security, wholesale/retail, and land transport. The projects mainly focused on:

  1. IT skill training for the SMEs, and/or
  2. development of websites, portals or application modules to improve operational efficiency of SMEs or their customers' experience.

19 projects were successfully completed with target outcomes achieved, such as high participation and satisfaction rating for training, and successful implementation of the systems / websites / portals concerned. The summary of SSP projects are as listed below: