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Documents and Papers 

Press Releases related to Information and Cyber Security Issues 

Date Topic
25-04-2024 8th Inter-departmental Cyber Security Drill held to enhance cyber defence capability of government departments (with photos)
14-12-2023 SITI attends Cybersecurity Symposium 2023 (with photos)
08-12-2023 ITIB publishes Policy Statement on Facilitating Data Flow and Safeguarding Data Security in Hong Kong
09-11-2023 GCIO shares strategies on cybersecurity and driving digital-based development in World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (with photos)
11-09-2023 Hong Kong cybersecurity industry delegation attends Guangdong Cybersecurity Week 2023 (with photos)
11-09-2023 Opening address by Acting SITI at Opening Ceremony of Cyber Security Summit 2023 (English only)
15-04-2023 SITI attends National Security Education Day Seminar (Chinese only) (with photo)
01-11-2022 OGCIO reminds the public to be alert to fraudulent calls and SMS messages
23-09-2022 “Build a Secure Cyberspace” webinar to raise public awareness on false information on Internet (with photos)
06-09-2022 Opening remarks by SITI at Information Security Summit 2022 (English only)
28-07-2022 OGCIO statement on security concerns over “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app
24-09-2021 “Build a Secure Cyberspace” webinar to raise public awareness of cyber pitfalls (with photos)
30-06-2021 Fraudulent email purportedly sent out in the name of GovHK
10-05-2021 Opening remarks by S for IT at LegCo Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting on update on information security (Chinese only)
09-03-2021 Opening remarks by S for IT at Information Security Summit 2021 (English only) (with photo)
20-02-2021 OGCIO firmly follows up on fraudulent “LeaveHomeSafe” websites and mobile apps
16-02-2021 Beware of fraudulent "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app
05-02-2021 "Build a Secure Cyberspace" webinar raises public awareness of mobile device security (with photos)
29-09-2020 Cybersec Infohub officially launched to strengthen defence against cyber attacks (with photos)
21-08-2020 Government further promotes cross-sector cyber security information sharing
20-09-2019 "Build a Secure Cyberspace 2019" seminar encourages proper data protection by the public (with photos)
18-02-2019 Opening remarks by S for IT at LegCo Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting on update on information security (Chinese only)
24-09-2018 First local cross-sector pilot partnership programme for cyber security information sharing officially launched (with photo)
20-09-2018 “Build a Secure Cyberspace” seminar raises public awareness against cyber scams (with photos)
11-04-2018 HK-Mainland Cyber Security Forum explores challenges and opportunities for smart connectivity (with photos)
26-02-2018 Cyber Security Professionals Awards (with photos)
15-10-2017 Second HK-Mainland Cyber Security Forum held in Xiamen
20-09-2017 Public reminded to keep a watchful eye on security of Internet-connected devices (with photos)
17-05-2017 Government guards against ransomware attacks
15-05-2017 Government stays vigilant to ransomware attacks
06-01-2017 Cyber Security Professionals Awards (with photos)
25-11-2016 Build a Secure Cyberspace 2016 seminar raises public awareness of guarding against cyber attacks (with photos)
23-09-2016 Government seminar promotes cyber security
12-04-2016 HK-Mainland Cyber Security Forum fosters development of cyber security in both places (with photos)
27-11-2015 Build a Secure Cyberspace 2015 campaign to raise public awareness of information security (with photos)
14-05-2015 Fraudulent email purporting to be issued by OGCIO
28-01-2015 Government launches Cyber Security Information Portal
21-11-2014 Build a Secure Cyberspace 2014 seminar reminds public to adopt security measures proactively (with photos)
07-04-2014 ISO/IEC meeting on information security standards held in Hong Kong (with photo)
17-06-2013 "Be a Smart Netizen" Video Contest invites entries
02-12-2013 Campaign promotes awareness of cyber security (with photos)
26-11-2012 Campaign promotes awareness on combating cyber attacks (with photos)
09-03-2012 Public alerted to fraudulent websites
07-12-2011 Campaign boosts awareness of mobile security (with photos)


Legislative Council Meetings 

Date Topic
22-11-2023 LCQ11: Cybersecurity of government departments and other public organisations
18-10-2023 LCQ17: Enhancing cyber security
05-07-2023 LCQ6: Building strong digital security barrier
06-07-2022 LCQ8: Management of data of public and private organisations
25-05-2022 LCQ1: Strengthening information security
19-04-2022 Update on information security
25-08-2021 LCQ9: Data security
26-05-2021 LCQ12: Cyber security risks amid the epidemic
10-05-2021 Administration's paper on update on information security
13-05-2020 LCQ2: Information technology support for government personnel working from home
22-04-2020 LCQ7: Information security measures of the Government
13-01-2020 Update on Information Security (CB(1)306/19-20(05))
18-02-2019 Update on Information Security (CB(1)564/18-19(03))
16-01-2019 LCQ8: Information security of using certain Chinese telecommunications products
14-11-2018 LCQ2: Enhancing information security and the protection for privacy of personal data
12-02-2018 Update on information security (CB(4)577/17-18(03))
17-01-2018 LCQ22: Privacy concerns brought about by smart products
29-11-2017 LCQ15: Measures to enhance information security
22-11-2017 LCQ22: Enhancing cyber security and combating technology crimes
07-06-2017 LCQ22: Capability of institutions in Hong Kong in coping with major computer security incidents
31-05-2017 LCQ9: Information security of government departments, public bodies and organisations involved in public works projects
11-01-2017 LCQ8: CyberSecurity Information Sharing Platform and Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform
14-12-2016 LCQ19: Information security in Hong Kong
12-12-2016 Update on information security (CB(4)246/16-17(04))
07-12-2016 LCQ8: Cyber security
14-03-2016 Information security (CB(4)689/15-16(03))
17-07-2015 Information security (CB(4)1212/14-15(03))
22-10-2014 LCQ3: Government's network security protection
22-07-2014 Information security (CB(4)826/13-14(05))

Information security (power-point presentation materials) (Chinese version only) (CB(4)926/13-14(01))

21-05-2014 LCQ15: Handling OpenSSL software vulnerability
07-05-2014 LCQ6: Information security management
08-07-2013 Information security (CB(4)834/12-13(05))

Information security (power-point presentation material) (Chinese version only) (CB(4)864/12-13(02))

19-06-2013 LC Urgent Q1: Network and information security
10-07-2012 Information security (CB(1)2305/11-12(05))

Information security (power-point presentation material) (Chinese version only) (CB(1)2321/11-12(02))

06-07-2011 LCQ3: Information security
13-06-2011 Information security (CB(1)2407/10-11(05))
05-01-2011 LCQ20: Security of government sensitive information
12-07-2010 Information security (CB(1)2465/09-10(03))
02-06-2010 LCQ11: Combating computer virus
26-05-2010 LCQ8: Security of Wi-Fi facilities in government venues
17-03-2010 LCQ12: Countering hacking activities